Tuning 101

MXO has come up with some tunes that we think will help improve your times in MX VS ATV All Out. Depending on supercross vs nationals, you may need to tweak your suspension accordingly. We prefer a little softer (left of middle) on nationals and a little stiffer (to the right) on supercross. Brakes can be personal preference, but it does effect the bikes traction so keep that in mind. The further left you go, the more traction you get but the weaker the brakes become. We’ll continue to update this page as we develop tunes for other bikes.

Please note: We recommend manual transmission for maximum potential of the provided tunes.


450 / RED BUD

Red Bud is one of the fastest tracks of the series, but also gets insanely rough. we believe we found a balance for those 5-10 laps motos. Time trial set-up would also be different than a 5 or 10 lap moto where the track starts to break down. If you’re looking to lay down your fastest lap ever in time trial, we recommend going about 10-12 clicks to the right on the engine. For the AMA Pro Motocross Nationals we’ve also found going a few clicks down on the tires helps soften the harsh edges. For Red Bud we recommend 2-5 clicks.


Washougal, while similar to our other AMA Pro Nationals set-up, is going to help you with smooth out the choppiness. Lowering your engine close to the 4th bar will help with wheel-spin and revving out. Lowering your tires about 5 clicks will soften the harshness/edges. Suspension, you need it somewhat soft but this track has serious drop off’s that can bite you out of nowhere, so we suggest not going too far left.


This is a hybrid of our AMA Pro Nationals tune… similar clicks down on the tires & a balance between the Red Bud and Washougal engine set-up. We recommend 5 more clicks to the right on the chassis than our Washougal/Red Bud set-up, which helps keep the bike a bit more agile on this technical layout. This will not only be quick off the gate, it’ll keep you going on lap 10.


The all-around tune has a great balance for both supercross and nationals. As you improve with this tune, you might find turning the engine up a little further might give you even more speed to clear those huge lines.


The responsive tune is for rough/long motos. Once lap 10 hits, this will help keep your bike from revving out as much. If you find the brakes too responsive, move it down a little to the left.


The aggressive tune is all about speed and setting records in time trials. If you are struggling to get over some of the bigger lines, move the chassis & suspension a little bit to the right.






The set-up, much like the 450 aggressive tune, is all about speed. This is the most responsive set-up if you want an aggressive/competitive race bike. Combined with the 250 clutch, you can set times close to a 450.


If the aggressive bike is a bit too much for you, the moderate tune is the next best option. This will feel a little less harsh as the track continues to deteriorate. Sometimes smoother = less mistakes = faster race times.