Open Classic Qualifier (PS4)

December 5, 2020

Welcome to the qualifier for the Open Classic on Playstation. Ride the bike that suites you best for the Open Classic. All bikes allowed in each class.

In-Game Hosts: Tin_Man_92 / Jberggren99 / theObservr
Game: MX vs ATV All Out
Time: 12pm est (9am pst/11am central)
Track: TBA
Bike: Open Class (125, 250F, 250, 450F, 500)

A race hub will be posted on our news page prior to race day. Your hosts will start inviting at the times listed on the race hub and continue throughout the day. If you miss your time slot, message the lobby host (on your console, not instagram) asap and we’ll do our best to fit you in later in the day but cannot guarantee another time slot. To avoid issues with invites, please add the hosts of the race as friends on your console. Some privacy settings cause issues with invites.

More info on this event will be released the week prior to qualifiers.

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