2020 Supercross Format

Not sure how this all works? Read below so you are prepared on race day.


To make it easier for everyone, please follow @MXOsports on instagram, the day of the race we will post the lobby information in our stories to keep you in the loop. If you do not have instagram, please message TIN_MAN_92 on PS4 and simply ask him which lobby you are in. Your lobby host will send you an invite on PS4 when it is race time.

Each rider is responsible for making it to their correct lobby. It would help to send a friend request to your lobby host. Make sure your PS4 privacy settings allow invites from everyone & that you are visible online. If you miss your race, try again next event.


If there are over 24 entries, we will be hosting timed qualifiers to narrow down the field. This will consist of a 6 lap race, the goal is to lay down your best lap (your position in the race will not matter, only your best lap). After all the sessions are done, we will take a 20 min break to determine the fastest 24 laps that will move onto the heats. If you were not in the top 24, don’t be discouraged, sign up for the next race and try all over again. Remember, we have a “Most Improved” award!

If there are less than 24 entries, we will go straight to heats.


There are two heats for each class, with 12 riders going into each 10 lap heat. All that matters for your heat is your finish position. Top 6 from each heat will move onto the “A” main. The remaining 12 riders will be in the “B” main.


Due to the limit we can fit in a lobby, there will be an A and a B main. The A main will consist of the top 12 riders that qualified, the B main will be the remaining 12 riders. Mains are 20 laps.

A main is 1st-12th place.
B main is 13th-24th place.

BOTH mains are points scoring races (top 22 score points). If you lag out, you will receive a DNF in your main (last place points). If you rage quit, you will receive 0 points and a possible suspension to be determined by admins.