XBOX | Qualifier Race Times


Welcome to your race hub for the Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers on XBOX.

Please note: All times listed below are EST, or Eastern Standard Time in the United States. Make sure to translate this to your time zone to ensure you make it to your qualifier.

Qualifier 3 will start Saturday, May 2nd. All the times on this page are our best estimates and the players are responsible for being online during the hour block that they are placed in. We recommend being online 20 minutes before and after your hour block to be ready to race when your invite is sent. So, if your hour block is 3pm-4pm (est), please be ready to go a few minutes before 3pm and in case we are running behind stay on a little after 4pm (or until you’re done).

When you get your invite you will be joining up in a short free ride on Red Bud. After that free ride ends, the 5 lap qualifier will start up. Your best lap time will be recorded. Please do not leave the race until the host closes the lobby otherwise we will not be able to record your lap time.

After the 3 weeks of qualifying are done, we will announce the top 24 in each class that will attend the finale on May 9th at Loretta Lynn’s. Good luck!


Thank you for participating in the first ever official MX vs ATV Loretta Lynn’s Online Championship, proudly hosted by MXO Sports.